I’ve read a lot of self help books, had coaching and listened to the motivational CD’s etc. I find all of the differing points of view very helpful and I tend to take little bits and pieces from each and carry them with me to aid me on the journey. But the Boot Camp for the Soul is different. The daily emails prompt you and remind you constantly, with the daily tasks incredibly helpful and powerful in helping to deal with issues. The topics are all very different to what I have read and experienced before and offer a great new light on that occasional battle we call life. There is no doubting Trevor’s sporting ability and achievements but I never knew he had this level of spirituality and self understanding. The deep soulful levels of awakening he takes you on are incredibly challenging, empowering and ultimately life changing.

I’ve almost completed 10 weeks of the program and what I have learnt has had a remarkable impact on my life, how I now approach life and my own self understanding. It has truly awakened my soul. Thanks Trevor.