How It Works

If you are wondering how Boot Camp for the Soul works, what’s involved or where you need to do it, here’s how it works.

  • Register for Boot Camp For The Soul, The course will begin the following Sunday with an introduction email
  • Monday – The morning email arrives in your inbox at 2:00am AEST
  • Complete the ‘Morning Challenge’ sometime that morning (It usually takes about 40 minutes to an hour).
  • The evening email arrives at 2:00pm AEST
  • Log in to the website, Complete the reading, the ‘Evening Process’ questionnaire and the ‘Daily Reflection’ questionnaire (It usually takes about 20 – 30 minutes).
  • Tuesday through Saturday – The cycle continues; morning emails with a daily challenge, and evening emails with reading and questionnaires to complete. On Fridays you’ll also receive an email with a nourishing recipe from Pete Evans
  • Sunday – Your day off. An evening email will arrive with a simple reflection on how you feel you went during week and an introduction to the next week’s theme.

A Day in the Life of a Soul Boot Camper

This is how a typical weekday will flow for you once you are taking the course.

2:00 am

Trev’s email has just arrived in my inbox, ready for me when I wake up. My alarm hasn’t gone off yet though, so I’ll catch a few more zzz’s before it’s time to get out of bed!

6:00 am

Alarm is off and I’m ready to go. I open my emails and there it is. Week 1 Day 4 of Trevor Hendy’s Boot camp for the Soul. This week is all about ‘Movement from Stillness’ and I’m loving it. First up is the “Viewpoint for your Soul”. I love hearing Trev’s musing on life and how we can all get closer to living our best lives. It really gets me thinking and sets the day up for all manner of possibilities. I love that it all links back to the weekly theme and gives me great food for thought to take into my day.Next is the daily focus and today it is all about observing. The morning challenge Trev has set is a 40 minute gentle walk around the neighbourhood, and to stop for 5 calming breaths and just watch whats going on around me. Stopping at a nice park bench, I try and think about the daily focus of observing and it’s amazing what you notice when you’re not rushing around caught up in your own head.With the daily focus whirring around in my head all day, I can’t wait to see what we’re in for in the evening email.

2:00 pm

Ding! My mobile alerts me to the fact that Trev’s evening email has arrived. I’ll have a look at that a little later


Before settling into bed, I check my emails and read the evening email from Trev. It goes a little deeper than this mornings, and poses some really good questions. Tonight’s process asks me to hone in on someone in my life and think about all the positive things, all the things I love about that person. It’s so nice to be able to spend some time thinking about love and happiness. I’ve been thinking about this all day, and it has given me such a lift to have something so lovely carrying me through the day.I easily list out 5 things I love about them. I quickly shoot them a quick text to let them know how much they mean to me.Last part to complete is the daily reflection diary. I’m so proud that I can say that I completed this mornings and this evenings tasks, and really got something out of both of them. What should I write for my daily thought? “I want to make a ‘5 things I love about you’ list for everyone in my life!”


Bed time. I wonder what Trev will challenge me to do tomorrow?