A Word From Trev

Welcome to your first taste of “Bootcamp for the Soul” – a 12 week interactive life transformation for your Soul, Mind & Body.

Life in its grandest of forms – the spirit – is all around you, always available.  The only problem is that we live each day so deeply connected to our brains and our five senses that we are dismissing this whole world without even knowing it.  It’s not rocket science. It’s actually very simple.  The simplicity of Soul however is so powerful it actually holds the answers to all of the questions and problems you haven’t yet been able to solve.

You might say that we’ve been looking for answers in all of the wrong places.  You may also say that we’ve been looking for love in all of the wrong places.  You see, everything you need is inside of you.  Once you discover it, you will notice it is also inside everyone else.  Knowing and recognising this is enlightenment.  It is that simple.  You won’t need proof once you have had a taste of how magic life can be when you just slow down and experience yourself fully in this moment.

I came from a professional sporting background and I loved it.  I won a lot of things, but  I also lost a lot of things.  You see, the things that I was looking for in the world of sport and achievement could never be found there.  It wasn’t until I stopped, and with a little help, connected with something very simple that I found my true spirit.  It’s that something that this program is all about.  It is your spirit. It is you.

I am not religious and I don’t practice “New age” spirituality.  I can see the beauty and attraction in those areas and it is the same beauty and attraction that I find in the simplest of things.  I can also see and know that relying on a set of beliefs or an outside source also leads you to never fully experience who you are.

I will not be selling you a set of beliefs during the 12 weeks.  I will be guiding you to discover it within yourself.  The source you are looking for, the magic you feel you need, the peace, confidence and clarity that eludes you. Is all inside of you.  In fact, it is you.

I was asked to identify three simple things that sum up the way I approach life.  First, it is interesting that we always want three magic steps, or five or seven. I find that quite funny.  Whilst there is no one “way”, as it is totally about your personal journey, it did make me realise that I view things very simply.  Here are my thee basic “explain all” ideas.

    1. Every moment is a living moment – Life is all around you and in you.  It never ceases to exist.  It is obscured by thoughts, the mind, beliefs, ideas of past etc.  You only ever have to be HERE and NOW to move forward (so to speak) at a rapid rate.
    2. Stuff happens – This is your opportunity, this is your gold – Negative things happen, challenges happen, struggles and death happens. This is your opportunity, your spiritual evolution. Grounded-ness comes from being here now and being with what is HAPPENING now.  Life delivers you these circumstances to give you a chance to COMPLETE a life lesson.  The more you can BE present in the world, the more presence, clarity and joy you will experience.
    3. You only have to complete ONE thing – FIND yourself, TRUST yourself, follow YOUR intuition. From there you will KNOW & TRUST yourself and others and all of life at a much deeper level. You don’t have to look far to find yourself. You are yourself and you have been giving yourself hints your whole life.  Your reactions, your decisions, your persuasions and passions all give you hints to who you really are.

I believe that the primary purpose of life is to discover yourself as the source that you’ve been looking for.  It is to know life intimately and to know it is in you and me and everyone.

The secondary purpose of life is to create your life from that understanding.  This also leads you to recognize yourself at a deeper level.  It leads you to discover the purposeful connections and relationships that hide in the world around you.  We not only have magic inside of us but there is a magic reason why each of us are in each others life.

Everything we need is right here and now. In fact that’s the only place we can find it – Here and Now. We just have to get good at stopping and disconnecting from the past and future of our minds, coming back to the truth and life changing reality of HERE and NOW.

With that in mind, this 12 week transformation is all about living your best life and finding your highest expression of yourself. So let’s talk a little about life, as it is right now.

There is a beautiful movie, one of my all time favorites, called “August Rush”.  It is about a young orphan boy who hears music every moment of the day.  All he knows is that he has to play that music and give it back to where it came from.  He hopes that this will help him find home and his parents.  As he finds the courage to do this, he goes through all sorts of twists and turns and ultimately arrives at the point of his “Rhapsody”.  I will not tell you how the movie ends, as it is a must see, but I will tell you it is a movie about you and I.

We are all doing our best, following hunches and intuition in the hope of arriving at that sweet moment when it all comes together. I know there is music (beauty) inside all of us and it is our job to find it and play it to as many as we can. That music ultimately leads us home.

August Rush states “The music is all around us. All we have to do is listen”.

That is the purpose for this 12 weeks; to give you everything I have, to help you find everything you have, so you can live your best life.  It is not possible to live your best life without first opening up fully.  It is also not possible to live it without discovering your team and letting them be the wind beneath your wings.

Whilst I always did pretty well and managed to get by, it was not until I realised that I was living my second best life, that my best life come into view.  Also, my second best life had a lot more pain and heartache in it than I cared to admit.  It was defined by a lot of suffering and a lot of striving. It certainly wasn’t simple. It was a delicate balancing act, one thwart with the danger of dropping all of the balls and everything tumbling down.

It took the intervention of a strong man who demanded that I stop telling myself how on track I was and admit that there was something missing.  I needed him to say “No, you are not winning; you are barely holding it together”.  My concept of winning had been derived from the common concept of winning and that meant that as long as I am not losing as much as the others, I am winning.

Of course, that is not winning at all, that is struggling.  It took so much energy to keep up appearances and get across that line first as many times as I did.  If it wasn’t for my passion for the water and going fast, I would have spiritually died long before the end of my sporting career.  When I could see this in myself, I could instantly see this in almost every business person, mother, father, child, teacher, authority figure.  We are kidding ourselves –  perhaps because we haven’t realised there is more to life OR perhaps because we have and we don’t know HOW to make it happen for us. Whatever it is, we need the “Soul Releasing” realisation that “I can have more” and “I am more”.  Without that realisation we will simply accept what we have. Unfortunately that is not the powerful “acceptance” that I talk about in the program. That is the shrinking, surviving acceptance that most of us experience at some stage or another.

I needed to know from someone there is more to life than surviving.  Sure, surviving these days is pretty good, don’t get me wrong. You should be congratulated for doing so.  However, you have not lived the life you came here to live until you have begun the journey towards thriving. This must be done with and inner and outer awareness, with self and with others. This is linked to all of life and ultimately leads to everyone winning. It is not complex however you may have to come through some complexity. It is not hard work, however a little hard work may be required along the way to break some patterns.

It may be as simple as a slight change of viewpoint or opening your heart but you will know when you are living your best life, because you won’t feel as though there is anywhere else to be. Other people will also find it easy to be close to you.

This 12 weeks is about you and your best life and it is also about your family, your team.

As I mentioned before, I have found that there have been two profound spiritual discoveries in life.  One is that all life becomes available in this moment.  It surrounds us and is hidden in every moment and now is always the best time to start embracing it.

The second one is that when you discover yourself and the moment, you will discover that you have a unique purpose and a unique job to do whilst you are here.  You will already be doing part of it, it is your music.  For me, when I could see how close I was but realised there was a little more opening and letting go to be done, the last few percent became the sweetest and biggest of all.  I am still very much discovering it, understanding and embedding it into my life and that is all part of the sweetness.

Our physical lives and circumstances aren’t our problem. Our problem is usually that we are not connected closely enough to our spirit.

As that is challenging and can take a little time to do in amongst the world of pressure, deadlines and responsibilities,  I decided to create this 12 week transformation that would help you integrate your highest self into your daily life.  That is my intention and my dream, to have more people living their best life.

It would be remiss of me to not point out at this moment that the answers are in you, not in me.  That is why this is to be done in your own life, because that is where it is most needed.  All of your answers lie in the quiet moments with yourself, the people you love and the world around you.

If you would like the support and opportunity to bring your soul to the forefront every day for the next 12 weeks and to ultimately find and live your best life then click through to register here or view a couple of our preview pieces.  If you are able to follow through with my “Bootcamp for the Soul”, I am sure you will create a beautiful habit that could only be described as life changing.

The power exists in the fact that I am not giving you something you don’t already have, just throwing a couple of viewpoints your way to remember how amazing you are and how incredible the world can be.  It is you that will change your world.

Remember, Bring it into Now and never underestimate the Power of who You are.

Love, Trev